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Each of our expert innovators are sharing their knowledge and insights on innovation and the benefits of participating in IFLP. Taster videos of our team will be released regularly for your enjoyment and inspiration. 

Meet the team

A range of influential figures within and far beyond the construction industry who will deliver expert advice and guidance. Participants will hear from on average 8 speakers during their programme.

Hear from a range of speakers from beyond the sector...

... and in government...

... alongside successful innovators within the sector itself

1. Unlocking your creativity
2. Leading change
3. Horizon scanning
4. Innovation in a changing world
5. Creative problem solving
6. 50 ways tech companies innovate successfully
7. Procuring for innovation
8. Policies that drive innovation
9. Innovation in highly-regulated businesses
10. Why the built environment must innovate
11. Government programmes to drive innovation

Participants will work with at least 8 speakers during their series, who between them will cover the following...

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